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1996- 2007 (page in development)

Sure Start/ Children's Provider for Lambeth (Larkhall, Myatsfield, Angel Town, Norwood) Working with children aged 1-19 and their families and Life Long Learning

TAP worked closely with Sure Start to deliver a complex regular service aiming to engage families and young children with many objectives, including

  • the use of creative arts to enable play together, encourage attachment and bonding
  • first experiences of 'mess' and sensorial experiences such as wet, sticky, 'dirty' as well as an understanding of 'messy play' as a learning experience
  • Positive social connections

Early Nutrition & literacy, delivered through 10 week arts and craft programmes focusing on books such as  'The Hungry Caterpillar" book. This included inviting a book artist to guide children and carers to make books about favourite recipes, 3D interactive fruit and veg sculptures, story time, vegetable printmaking. The work emphesised the importance of eating well.

Seasonal Knowledge (Be Aware) 10 week projects designed to enable children to 'Be Aware' of the changing seasons within an urban environment. projects included collecting and collaging natural found objects, painting with leaves/ conkers, making small nature scenes. Covered local and international feastdays.

Celebrating Teenage Mums (Strengths) 10 week programmes identifying the strengths and advantages of being a teenage Mum, included visits to TAte Modern, Harrods, making craft for baby.

Working with teeangers to raise the profile of a playground and combat grafitti, with artist Martin Bannister

Co- designing information, children in 2 Primary schools worked with artist Joanna Gore to design the Sure Start handbook and various events

Strengths based identity photography, with teenagers

One- off events such as Teddy Bears Picnic, puppet making, stockwell Festival costume making. series of themed workshops in schools and nurseries

Birthright- a selection of stories about  about child birth 

With artist Carole Stagg, we interviewed and recounted tales of birth from the perspective of women living in Lambeth

/data/dynamic/spaw/documents/birth rights2.pdf

Mary Sheridan Centre for Children, Wooden Spoon House

The co design of key decorative features for a new Childrens Services Building in Kennington: Child protection, Sickle Cell anaemia, Special needs

TAP employed 10 resident artists to work with 2000 diverse children across Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham to co- create 15 key parts of the new build. The projects were underpinned by practical application of art and design  and the team worked closely with therapeutic staff to ensure all projects and outcomes had health relevance. The project was intended to create a smooth transition from one run down building o a new building, where children would feel some ownership, and feel less threatened by paediatric services. 

  • Design of Toilet seats to encourage toilet training
  • Design and co creation of 150 1m X 1, mosaic panels to fit under each window
  • Design of floors
  • wall murals
  • phtography project/ exhibtion
  • internal mosaic and ceramic planter
  • novelty door handles
  • decorative floor design

Lambeth Early Years Service: Voice of a Child   

Tap were commissioned to design and run a health impact assessment with children under 4 to collect data on happiness of children in Lambeth. We designed a toolkit with a Falling Wide- dance company, Carole Stagg- visual artist, that was distributed to each nursery, so that they could collect the data on our behalf. We worked with some key sites to collect the data ourselves. Numerous participative appraisal methods were used, including the design of a visual questionnaire for children to place happy or sad faces on (1-5 happy to sad likert scale) , indicating level of happiness with certain areas in their lives inlcudinf:

Carers, play, travel, home, themselves


NB Consent for the use of pictures and any names has been given

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