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Developing a Community of Shared User- Voices: Emergence CiC

With Roma Iskander (PSW) we were commissioned by the National Personality Disorder Programme to capture the picture of Personality DIsorder services nationally, by ampiyfying the voices of those in Therapeutic Communities (TC's) and showcasing the research at TATE MODERN. We co- developed the subsequent user- led- Personality +, developed into Emergence (CiC), by working very closely in co- production with service users & stakeholders. This involved supporting the setting up of a board of directors, mentoring, business design and securing funds. As one of the founder directors, Belinda played an important part in the development of this dynamic and growing organisation

As Creative Director and Arts Manager, she co- developed, co- delivered and supported strategic arts programmes and projects with service user artists or facilitators with a lived experience of personality disorder.

Programmes in:
Eastern: Essex, Sussex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire
Yorkshire and Humberside
Presentations including Manchester and London’s Tate Britain

Arts Programmes 
Collecting of service user stories from around the UK, 2007
5 ‘roving’ artists worked around the UK in therapeutic communities enabling service users express their stories about personality disorder in different ways: Story telling, poetry, drama, photography, visual arts. These stories were assembled into the visual whispers art display, Theatre Tonic performances, films, artwork, and poetry. They were part of a large 1-day event at Tate Modern in 2007 and travelled to Leeds.

Launch of P+ at Tate Modern, 2007
 Tate Modern was the platform to launch P+, an organization developed in order to celebrate the achievements of people with personality disorder and challenge stigma. A day of large-scale exhibitions, film showings, participatory workshops, performances, talks, and pod casts which paved the way (attracted funding for) for
 Eastern Region creative personalities 2008,9
 Workshops and service user creative consultation in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge shire (one of our original participants still joins us at the ASN. It also paved the way for the
London Arts Social network 2009- current)
Currently London based this monthly social programme brings together a group of people who identify with the diagnosis of personality disorder at Cultural sites, to tackle isolation, exploring being among others in a group setting utilizing art as a medium for connection. London partnerships include: Tate Modern, V&A, National Gallery, Whitechapel, and ICA.

Arts Leadership Programme (With Tate Modern)
Experiential learning programme for artists who identify with PD to develop participatory arts skills to create a pool of experienced artists we will regularly employ to run Art into Life sessions at Tate Modern and other spaces.

Yorkshire and Humber Creative personalities- Leeds Carriage Works Event, 2009

Creative Personalities- Major event in Leeds Carriage Works. 2009
A replication of the Tate Modern event, but featuring local artists and a specially commissioned ‘Punch and Judy show’ by Shoestring Theatre.
Which paved the way for Creative Personalities Yorkshire and Humberside, a programme of interactive arts and film. (Now currently delivered by  Julie Bagash- one of the original local service- user artists)

Artists Talks 2008- 2010
Artist in conversation was a programme, which enabled practicing artists with a personality disorder, to have a live discussion based platform to present their work. Artist’s talks have been held at Tate Modern, Manchester PD Congress, and Together gallery, London.

Together Gallery Show 2010
A major exhibition over 6 weeks, presenting 15 artists with a lived experience of PD. Artists talks, performances.

Brent Artists Commission, 2011

2 artist with a lived experience were commissioned by Brent PCt to create a co- produced sculpture for a new health centre

Voices from Both Sides of the Fence 2011
Collaborative film showing with Tony Gammidge at The Horse Hospital

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