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    TAP gives evidence to Gov APPG

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    Dance Brings Dementia Research to Life

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    Dementia training in Meaningful Engagement FREE

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    Local Commissioning supported through innovation


Films & Screenings

2012: With Transition Tooting- The Economics of Happiness

This event was held in Streatham and opened by Nic Marks of NEF. Over 100 people attended a bicyle powered film screening of the cutting edge film exploring happiness and global economics

2010: With Emergence and in collaboration with Tony Gammidge-Voices from the Other side of the Fence

The fundraising event was held on 10th November, 2010 at the inspiring Horse Hospital, in central London. Screenings included collaborative projects in mental health units co- produced by Tony Gammidge, and films made by people who identify with personality disorder.. The Horse Hospital is a three-tiered progressive arts venue in London providing an encompassing umbrella for the related media of art, film, fashion, literature and music.

2009- 2010: 'Little Portugal' for the Well London Project

A film was commissioned from artist Fiona Whitty to capture some of the history of people living on the Well London Larkhall estates, as part of the TAP Well London Programme.

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