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Youth Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment

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We have been working closely with South London and Maudsley Mental health Foundation Trust; Mental health and wellbeing promotion, to develop a youth MWIA.

In 2010 we ran a pilot MWIA with children aged from 5- 16 in a youth flat in Lambeth, to assess the impact of the Well London project held there. The MWIA was modified to appeal to a younger market. In 2011 we ran an extensively modified MWIA with youth aged 11- 16 in an adventure playground in Lambeth. The modifications included the use of creative methods to appeal to this age group. The factors considered were: Control, Resilience, Participation and Social Inclusion. 

The MWIA ran over 3 days. This was to allow for a gradual understanding of wellbeing and potential impacts to inform the MWIA. The first day an expert artist ran a textile workshop during which an informal discussion about wellbeing was held. The following day creative exercises enabled the group to explore wellbeing generally, and some of the important creative factors associated with wellbeing. On the final day, the group were able to undertake the modified assessment.

The results have been analysed and a final youth MWIA is being designed for publishing.

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