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    TAP gives evidence to Gov APPG

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    Dance Brings Dementia Research to Life

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    Dementia training in Meaningful Engagement FREE

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    Local Commissioning supported through innovation



Springforward devises and promotes imaginative ways to enhance positive wellbeing to enable communities to thrive and flourish...... Our services include:

Motivational- Use of positive psychology methods to drive change, transformation or acceptance for individuals, groups or organisations: coaching, training, facilitation, mentoring.

Insight- Meaningful insight to drive change

Evidence based- Our activities and interventions are creative, tailored to each project's unique needs and evidenced based to provide wellbeing benefits.

Service Design- creative ways to implement or support change and transformation

Engagement and Participation- Authentic methods including co- production, client- led, Open Space, inclusive and democratic participation

Interventions- Design, development and use of evidenced interventions

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Whole Systems- developing authentic programmes with many stakeholders

Evaluation and research- evidenced and specially designed measurements and evaluation methods, use of IPA, validated questionnaires, Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment

Inclusive and culturally competent- non- language based methods, cultural relevancy

Creative- associate professional creatives including drama, multi media, visual art, music, film, photography, story telling for imaginative solutions 

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