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Well London: Be Creative, Be Well

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"The Big Tea"

A large-scale community project and wellbeing events; building long-term relationships, through meaningful public consultation and inclusive engagement, culminating in a community "Big International Tea Party”


Underpinned by the NEF (New Economics Foundation), principles of well being, : Connect, Be Aware, Learn, Be Active, Give, each individual project engaged people using one or more of the principles. Mental Well Being Impact assessments and NEF's Measuring wellbeing, also determined the development of the evidence base to support the aims of the projects. However, most of the projects were developed in collaboration with local residents who determined the nature of the work.

Sample Project

A Photo Walk, led by a local 'forage' expert encouraged people to be aware of their local environment, live in the present and be mindful of nature. By savouring with a camera and taking considered pictures. Living in the present was thus explored through a narrative context. The same group met several times and developed a pictorial 'walking, savouring' map of Larkhall. The project was aimed at young people aged 9- 16.

 Creative Projects included:

Developing and supporting neighbourhood connections and cohesiveness, learning through the skills sharing and delivery of AQA awards, giving through volunteering and internship opportunities, being active through a variety of physical projects including drumming and walks, encouraging people to experience and be aware of the beauty in their local urban environment. Knit and Stitch in residential homes, Balcony/ home sessions for the house bound: textiles, recipe kit projects, grow box decoration, growing vegetables, Creative ‘Make and Bake’, ‘Saucy memories and Memory soup’- , Design and production of Big Tea Pamphlet- a record of the project and recipes, enhancing the local environment with mosaics, oral history film, music, wild food walk and creative maps, cheerleading, jewelry making

'Guerilla' arts barrow- diy happiness kit making sessions run from a transportable bespoke 'market barrow'- sites included Lambeth PCT, Evalina Children's Hospital, Larkhall. Big Draw tent in Larkhall Park designed to recruit project participants.

Film and video, Dance- classes and sessions for all ages, Music- rap and performance with local Dj’s
Spirituality and art- LIFE project with cross denomination delivery, Visual art- photography, graphic design, textiles, mosaics
Environmental decoration, Walks
Arts skills and personal development training; including placements, mentoring, accreditation, volunteering

Collaborations included: Arts 4 Space, Lambeth College, OASIS Adventure Playground, Stewarts Road Adventure Playground, LSX, Lillian Baylis, Stockwell Studios, 

Main Community Event

The Big Tea event, a day of hosted Tea parties. Any community group, individual, neighbours, balcony, street,block, café, shop to participate in this day. Participating communities received a TEA PACK.

Outline Plan
1. October- December 2009: Planning phase + Development of a local operational steering group
2. January- September 2010- Delivery of creative workshops
3. September 2010- The Big Tea Party
4. October- December 2010- primary evaluation and report

5. March 2011- Youth Mental Well being Impact assessment, oral history film

Project Director- Belinda Sosinowicz

Creative/ community Manager- Carole Stagg

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