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    Local Commissioning supported through innovation


Engagement Project for PSW and Marie Curie

/data/dynamic/spaw/documents/Staged Reading MC final for sending out TO readers.pdf

/data/dynamic/spaw/documents/transition report final Sept(1).pdf

Over a 6 month period, semi- structured interviews were held with 8 young people from around the UK with complex health needs. The strrength based interview explored personal strengths, enjoyable moments, as well as daily barriers and transition experiences from children's to adult services. `the interviews were developed into a staged reading for 5 people.

The reading was performed at the House of Lords, by 4 young people with complex health needs and two young people who had been core to the to a packed room of MP's, commissioners, service providers and other young people. It was also performed the following day at the end of programme conference 'Hi Vis' in london.

The staged reading aimed to amplify the voices of young people and enable comissioners and professional to have a greater understanding of the young people's positive as well as negative daily experiences, as young people and teenagers.


An on-line game was designed around these stories. Fybding is being sought to produce the game with the young people..... 


Tell me story about doing well and feeling good

When i was at Uni, it was social able, I had a laugh, learnt new things, I studied digital animation.

I love shopping I love fashion, drawing, photography

I try and make craft everyday- I sit on my bed. If I could I would do it non stop all day everyday. I like to spend as many hours as I can. I look forward to it- I did it all day yesterday and at the end I was still enjoying it. I lose all sense of time. All my worries go away, I just relax. At the end of the time you sit and look at the bits you’ve made, its really cool and I love it.

Tell me a story about challenges

Id say when I was in hospital for 3 months- intensive care- when I’d just turned 17, doing my a ‘levels- it wasn’t just the work, I missed out on all my mates and stuff for 3 months- because I was in intensive care so no one came to visit me, - it was a big challenge, big challenge.
 I face the same challenge every 3 months. I had a tube in my stomach and this has to be changed under a General Aestheticeach time. It never gets easier. Before I used to have a GA I would be awake and they would change it, this was the most traumatic time of my life, I hated it, Icouldn't think of anything worse, I was in a bad place at the time of my life.. eventually the Drs agreed to put me to sleep eachtime.
I'm still not over it, it still has a huge impact on my life unfortunately

It was when I had the trachy fitted and being on the ventilator at night- it was a good 6 or 7 months of hard work really. That was the most challenging

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