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Flourishing for GPS

This is part of our short and 'paper bag' series of workshops designed to address wellbeing in 'bite sized chunks'.

Participating Group

35 GP trainers- practicing GP's who train newly qualified GP's in Merton and Wandsworth

Date & Location

June 20th, 9-1pm, Canizaro House, SW20


Agency forLife’s Flourishing through Resilience Building Workshop for 36 General Practioner trainers as part of their away day was a great success. Taking place Thursday 20 at the beautiful Canizzaro House, Wimbledon, the GP trainers enjoyed a variety of activities that were designed to be fun and positive as well as being underscored by psychological research on resilience building

The GPs took part in group and pair activities including those concerned with positive visualisations, resource building through personal Strengths and mindfulness exercises including one concerned with diffusing our thoughts. They also got their creative juices flowing miming positive memories and by designing their own individual practice of the future using a variety of art materials and then coming together to create a group ‘mission statement’

Some comments from the day:
‘ It was good to have a range of options’ Found it ‘calming
and fun’

‘Very well structured for a three hour session’ ‘varied and enjoyable techniques to apply to day-to-day life’.
‘Loved the exercise – to focus on positive things ‘When I was At My Best’.

‘Well Balanced. We had fun. People engaged and lots of talk and laughter’.

‘Engaging leaders, some great ideas and can see clinical relevance’

‘Fun, practical and different. Thank you’.

According to a recent BMJ investigation of GPs in one region of South East England, burnout levels in UK general practice are high. Today’s GPs face a career of ever-constant change implemented from outside and within their surgeries, which can be perceived as stressful.

However, doctors are still performing well and their professionalism does not appear to be undermined by burnout.

But are they flourishing, or merely surviving in the workplace?

Agency for Life LTD are delivering a morning of fun, interactive, but purposeful resilience building designed to support GPs:
• In addressing the stress that may be accompanying the challenges they may be facing
• Helping GP’s find ways in which they can better flourish within their workplace environments and bounce back from increasing challenge

For us, flourishing is having emotional vitality, and living rather than existing and being free from mental illness (Keyes, 2002), stress or anxiety. We see resilience as the flexibility in response to changing situational demands, and the ability to bounce back from negative emotional experiences” (Tugade, Fredrickson, & Barrett, 2004b, p. 1169).

Our interventions are based on robust methodologies encompassing CBT, Positive Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Mindfulness and ACT . We facilitate through established creative processes known to increase meaningful engagement. We aim to boost personal resilience- a combination of self-esteem, optimism and a sense of personal control and how we use these in personal coping styles to enable us to thrive.

We will deliver a carefully designed morning that will take GP's through an interesting and empowering journey through some simple to do exercises that will support resilience building, in groups, pairs and individually. Our programme is designed to make them laugh a lot, think quite a bit, be creative, be reflective, support each other and come out feeling energised and with a few strategies they can use with the teams you work with and on themselves. 

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