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    TAP gives evidence to Gov APPG

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    Dance Brings Dementia Research to Life

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    Dementia training in Meaningful Engagement FREE

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    Local Commissioning supported through innovation


Attachment, dementia and Social Work

Attachment, Dementia and Social Work

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Meaningful Engagement

Co/data/dynamic/spaw/documents/fostering meaningful engagement.pdf authored with Public Service Works and Amazon PR as part of The Participation Agency

Sustaining the Note of Hope

With PSW, TAP was recently commissioned to research and create a publication for the Rayne Foundation, investigating music and dementia. This involved attending a conference, designing several data collection methods, scoping resources and funding opportunities for the sector.

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UN Public Policy Document: Recommendations for a New Happiness-Based Development Paradigm

Belinda Sosinowicz is contributing to this document for the Centre for Bhutan Studies

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Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessments & Evaluation

Delivery of a Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment, design of evaluation surveys....

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An Analysis of Positive Experiences in Participatory Art Based Practice

Singing and COPD: A consultancy Proposal for The Sydney De Haan Centre for Arts and Wellbeing research project, identifying positive experiences and how to create them in order to replicate a county singing programme.

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Evaluating a Welllbeing Walk for transition Town Tooting

An evaluation framework to evaluate the two projects against NEF's 5 steps to wellbeing, using visual and engaging tools.....

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Positive Affect, Happiness and Wellbeing

Kindness, Gratitude and other Pro- Social Interventions

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Sustainable Living: Consequence of Positive Affect and social connections on Energy Consumption

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/data/dynamic/spaw/documents/pp paper final submission 512(2).pdf

This research will look at using valid interventions framed by positive psychology to change behaviours in young people in student accomodation; to decrease energy  (electricity) consumption.

A randomised control test was carried out by Belinda Sosinowicz in Docklands with UEL students as part of her MSC Applied Positive Psychology degree.