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An Analysis of Positive Experiences in Participatory Art Based Practice

/data/dynamic/spaw/documents/Singing and COPD- A positiv Experince Analysis pdf(3).pdf

This document is a consultancy proposal for The Sidney De Haan Centre (SDHC) for Arts and Health, the client organization.

This consultancy project is intended to complement the work already commenced by SDHC and inform their current research. The scope agreed with the key contact was:

• Examine how the experience of the choir is enhancing a sense of flourishing and wellbeing for participants and staff

• Present suggestions for a potential programme framework based on the examination

• Actions for programme delivery and recommendation for practical steps that could be implemented that could inform the current SDHC research

Proposal Objectives
1. Literature review: existing research focusing on previous research by the primary client, positive psychology, arts research
2. Observe and participate with the programme in operation: attend choir sessions, meet staff and choir members
3. Review the singer’s and staff experience, current programme framework and management system
4. Survey stakeholders through survey gizmo and focus groups
5. Submit recommendations and a framework that could be implemented.

Key Findings
• The Role of the facilitators who deliver the sessions
• Characteristics of a Positive Experience
• A positive workplace

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