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    Dance Brings Dementia Research to Life

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    Local Commissioning supported through innovation

Positive Affect, Happiness and Wellbeing

Kindness and Gratitude are some of the simplest ways to find happiness, essential to humans in connecting and sharing with others. In an increasingly disparate society, with global crisis on a grand scale, scarcity of renewable resources, it is important to find ways to re- connect with each other again......

We are conducting a series of projects exploring the different ways people can increase their happiness, and the benefits that can be derived:

1. Tooting Transition Town- we are collecting kindness stories from the local community in order to create a Kindness for Tooting Prompt Pamphlet. This will be given out to the local community to act as prompts in encouraging kindness and other pro- social community activity. This builds on Transition Town localization philosophy. The project will be measured through a qualitative analysis of blog entries.

2. As part of an MSc experiment, students in East London will be asked to practice Kindness, gratitude and other pro- social activities to explore the relationship between pro- social interventions to increase happiness and pro- environmental behaviour (the reduction of energy use).


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