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Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessments & Evaluation

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Mental Wellbeing Impact assessments have made made with the the following. Please contact us for details of some of the outcomes


2007: Personality +

An MWIA to assess the impact of Personality + arts services for London, in collaboration with SLAM

2009: Well London

Design and delivery of a visual and drama based evaluation framework using participative appraisal methodologies to collect data on the involvement of residents  in Larkhall

2011: Well London- with children aged 5-11

A visual, modified MWIA designed to simplify the MWIA questions. A pre- strengths based and video diary workshop was run in order to introduce the children to the concept of mental health. The MWIA aimed to assess the impact of a youth based arts hub TAP developed for Well london, Lambeth.

2011: Well London- with Young People aged 12- 16

Co- design and delivery of a youth MWIA with SLAM/ This was an experimental MWIA using a modified visual version co- designed with SLAM to assess the impact of an adventure playground on young people.

2011: Emergence Arts Social Network

Co- delivery of MWIA with Emergence as part of former role as Arts & Creativity programme Manager. CO design of a survey to understand the experience of people attending.

• To identify how the ASN London potentially impacts on the mental health and well-being of people with a diagnosis of personality disorder
• To identify ways in which the project might maximise its positive impacts and minimise its negative impacts
• To develop indicators of mental well being that can be used to measure, evaluate and improve the mental well being of people with a diagnosis of personality disorder.

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