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    TAP gives evidence to Gov APPG

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    Dance Brings Dementia Research to Life

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    Dementia training in Meaningful Engagement FREE

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    Local Commissioning supported through innovation


Dementia Care Mapping

Belinda Sosinowicz is licensed as a Dementia Care Mapper (DCM 8). DCM was designed by University of Bradford and is a validated way of evaluating wellbeing and ill being of people with dementia. it is a useful tool when people cant self report. It is an observation tool that can identify the positive and negative ways in which care staff and carers interact with people with dementia. We can carry out an extensive evaluation and provide a report and recommendations.

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Evaluation of Arts Projects and Programmes

We are able to offer a full mixed methods evaluation framework for creative and arts based practice..... We can: Develop innovative, creative ways to capture information and data Use recognised measuring tools and validated surveys; including Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment Capture and analyse information using recognised qualitative methods such as IPA and themaic analysis

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Art of Wellbeing: Designing Arts projects that Improve Wellbeing

We are launching our new Art of wellbeing service which will help you consider how to develop or enhance your organisation, group or commuity wellbeing........

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Participatory Appraisal

As facilitators, we provide some structure and stimulation, but the content is the choice of the membership as a whole. Data collection and analysis are undertaken by participants, with us acting to facilitate rather than to control these processes. This can be very useful when working with Giving a voice to those members who are not usually heard.

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On The Wall

Bespoke art installation service & property refurbishment

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`The Participation Agency

Working together for creative participation : The Participation Agency is a partnership of three organisations working together to deliver creative participation and engagement projects and training. To us ‘participation’ is the means through which people get the support and opportunity to have a say in decisions that affect them. Which leads to genuine engagement with decision makers. Which in turn brings about change. We use tried and tested techniques to involve, engage and enable action in communities: research, focus groups, Open Space, Participative Appraisal and client-led approaches. And we use creative art forms like participative theatre, audio and video podcasting, poetry and visual arts. Whatever is the most meaningful and appropriate way to involve adults, young people and children.

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Agency for Life LTD

Agency for Life is a partnership company between Yasmin Duggan and Belinda Sosinowicz

What AGENCY for LIFE can offer:
We deliver creative and engaging training, coaching, mentoring and interventions in wellbeing, positive psychology, lifestyle and career counseling. We work across different sectors including communities, individuals, statutory, voluntary organizations and corporations and with partnerships. 

To AfL, ‘participation’ is the means through which the agency of people is promoted. It means the ability to make intrinsically motivated decisions and crucially to be a part of the solution. It goes beyond people coming up with a wish list for others to do; we work in ways that offer people a genuine opportunity to be a part of improving their lives.

From the breadth of organizations and individuals we have worked with we have developed considerable techniques and specialist cultural competence. We are aware of working with appropriate methods, consideration and exclusivity for a wide variety of people; indeed our whole system approach works to reinforces this. 

We develop and deliver personalised services for individuals, departments, and organisations.

Measurements and Evaluation

Mental Well Being Impact Assessments

We can run MWIA's for adults and a modified version for children and young people

A fabulous way for real user involvement, this will enable you to assess the negative and positive impact of your proposed service, policy or project, develop an invaluable way to measure your success and provide indicators for that set of measurements. 

Authentic Engagement and Participation Processes

Open Space Technology   

We will devise and run your Open Space Event, or alternatively train you in running your own event.

Open Space connects what matters to people with fresh  thinking and ideas. It creates opportunities for the kind of energetic and passionate talk people have over a cup of tea and captures this in clear priorities for action. An Open Space event focuses on a key question that matters for the department, groups or communities involved. The people who come suggest topics for discussion around this question that matter to them – their passions – and they take responsibility for the discussions and for the resulting action.Both passion and responsibility are key to the success of open space.

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World Cafe

Carbon Conversations

six meetings about climate change and carbon reduction or modified workshops for young people and children.

These courses provide a safe place that lets people connect, explore and then act on climate change. Based on psychological understandings of how people change, the groups address the key areas of an individual's carbon footprint in a supportive and non- judgmental way. the six meetings provide time for discussion, understanding, acceptance, laughter, creativity and practical plans.

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