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Art of Wellbeing: Designing Arts projects that Improve Wellbeing

This service will help you consider how to develop or enhance your organization, group or community arts, health and wellbeing practice by providing a co- produced framework in which to plan future programme development.

TAP can work with you to:
• Develop creative ways to engage with your community, group or stakeholders e.g.
o Participatory appraisal using visual and creative methods with a learning approach so that each step helps to design the next step and everyone is fully involved in the process
o Open Space
o World Cafe
• Design, shape and deliver arts and creative based programmes, that address improving wellbeing, health and resilience
o Underpinned by robust scientific evidence
o Using many psychological and social science based practices, such as CBT, Mindfulness, ACT and the pioneering theories and interventions of Positive Psychology and Neuro Psychology

• Offer participative research based on theories that enables you to build on the assets of your community such as:
o Realistic Theory
o Appreciative Inquiry
o Participative Action Research

We can devise and deliver both qualitative and quantitative based evaluation frameworks within which to:
• Understand and measure a creative programme
• Including Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessments
• Use validated questionnaires
• Understand the experience using methods such as IPA and thematic analysis
Coming from an arts based background and combining it with Psychology, our associates are able to understand the processes and demands of a creative experience and build evidence based projects, programmes and workshops that meet wellbeing targets asked for by public and private sector bodies.

Our programmes have addressed these types of issues:

Mental Health
Addressing and reducing barriers to flourishing lives
Building Hope and Optimism
Increasing Happiness
Coping with stress, anxiety and adversity
Improving Mood
Strengths based confidence building
Improved engagement
Co- production and peer- led participation
Motivation and career development
Sustainable living
Improving creativity

We work very closely with our partners to ensure projects and programmes are co- produced and simple to run.

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